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Bear Ghost

Bear Ghost is a rock band from Phoenix, AZ that fuses intricate musicianship, melodies and song structure to deliver a one of a kind sound. With the release of the band’s first full length album entitled “Blasterpiece“, the Phoenix market took notice.

Bear Ghost quickly became one of the area’s favorite bands and “Blasterpiece” received high critical acclaim, winning the market’s Album Of The Year for 2016 from the Phoenix New Times.

“Blasterpiece” was written and performed by Bear Ghost and recorded by Jeremy Parker at Premier Studios. Parker, a Grammy winning engineer and holder of many other industry awards, also recorded the band’s debut EP entitled “Your Parents Are Only Marginally Disappointed In Your Musical Taste” released in 2014.

Over the years Bear Ghost has enjoyed international recognition through fans discovering the band on Spotify. Both albums and the latest singles combined have gained over 19 million streams. Bear Ghost is currently streamed to over 160,000 listeners monthly, a number that is steadily increasing as time proceeds.

Bear Ghost has had the honor of headlining the Apache Lake Music Festival and the Phoenix Zombie Walk, as well taking the stage at the NAMM Main Stage, McDowell Mountain Music Festival, Viva PHX, Arts Goggle (TX) and opening for headliners like Closure In Moscow, Kongos, Brick + Mortar, Future Castles, Kyle Gass, MC Lars, Mega Ran as well as direct tour support for Okilly Dokilly.

In 2018 the band signed with 80/20 Records, setting in motion the recording and release of “Haunt, The Cartoon Heart” in spring of 2019. The band released it’s single “Sirens” in January 2020, which was featured on Spotify’s “All New Rock” playlist, then released the Christmas EP “Invited To The Christmas Party By Mistake” followed by a Christmas day 2020 release of their latest single “Big Town Banky Blaine’s Rockabilly BBQ”.




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Bear Ghost Lyrics

Below are links to Bear Ghost lyrics. Click on the track you would like to check out, and play the song on the page to read along.

Blasterpiece – Lyrics

1. Introduction To Blasterpiece
2. Necromancin’ Dancin’
3. Funkle Phil
4. Gypsy
5. Starkiller
6. Sickness For Nothing
7. She-Wrecks
8. Hola Adriana
9. Paradise
10. All At Once
11. Prelude

Your Parents Are Only Marginally Disappointed In Your Musical Taste! – Lyrics

1. The Steven Bradley
2. Dotab
3. Bob Loblaw
4. 12 Years Howled
5. Beware!



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