Hold on! Stop right there!
Have you not heard the tales
of the spooky forest where the haunted creature hails?
Gather round! Please,
take a seat!
We have something to share
There’s so much to learn about the Bear

Firstly, he’s a beast
unlike any you’ve known
He’s died a billion times, you see
been birthed a million more
He’s the offspring of death
and the champion of gore!
He’s the king of ghostly carnivore

we are so hungry
When he
can’t be satisfied he
likes to sing a melody

As a cubby ghost
he was among the most
spooky guys of poltergeist
He won the respect of specters all around
then he devoured their souls!

He’s dreadful
(he’s a joy)
out of spite
(and fun)
and he’ll give you a chill
(he’s wonderful with the children)
His art is so atrocious
it will make you want to kill
(he would never kill)
He’s an eerie
(he’s you’re favorite)
and an ominous scare
(I swear)
There’s surely certainly something to beware
(There’s surely certainly nothing to beware)

we are so hungry
When he
can’t be satisfied he
likes to sing a melody

“Everyone quiet down! Try not to make a sound! If he hears us in his woods it will be deadly for his appetite is monstrous!”

“Hey, guy that’s just preposterous.
In fact, I’ve heard the Bear Ghost’s rather friendly! Yes, indeed he is quite ghostly – he’s been exaggerated grossly and I ain’t goin’ nowhere ’til I seen him.”

“I’m afraid you’re misinformed, but whatever. You’ve been warned. Good luck to you. The rest of us are leaving.”

“What was that?”

You think you’re safe in hiding?
Then you better think again!
There’s no one you can run to
’cause he ate all of your friends

“My friends, listen to me. I was only trying be a help to thee. You looked lost. I thought I’d trot along and help you find your way. Yes, I can be vicious but just to those who are maliciously corrupt; the liars, the cheaters, the thieves: they alone are my enemies. Like this man here, takes advantage of and abuses his dear, sweet wife! Any kind of crime, for any kind of rhyme or reason; extortion and bribery, corruption and robbery; these things I abhor! I’ll haunt the world until they are no more!”

Gather ’round people
join your paws with me
Raise your voices
and sing along with me
this haunted melody!