Back off
get your hands off me, baby
don’t you try nothin’ funny
I don’t need nothing from you
No, I don’t need the pressure now

I’ve got
a sweet little somethin’ at home
everything about her makes it warm
she may make it easy
but at least she isn’t sleepin’ around

I can’t help but feel I let you down

I tried
but I never really got around
to treating you like the queen
you think you are
’cause I didn’t think that you were worth it
Whoa, you’re never gonna be the same
and you’re never gonna change
I try and try again
but you’re too stupid
to see how stupid you are

Goddamn, I don’t
want to admit it
but you’ve got a way with me
and she doesn’t get it
I know (I know)
I should probably let it go

So i’ll start
trying to start again
and probably never see your face again
I gotta make it easy
so my baby won’t be sleepin’ around

But I’ll probably run it to the ground