After Me, The Flood – Day 1

After Me, The Flood – Day 1


What do you do when you fail over and over again? What do you do when the world is against you? A short and sweet tale of perseverance also serves as the third entry in our ongoing saga of Steven Bradley (also including Prelude, for those who do not know). Is it part three or part one? We’re leaving that a mystery.



My dear friend, we’re here again
A very familiar place
All was done, I thought I’d won
A hollowed and fleeting taste
I can’t count the endless hours
Perfecting your natural grace
I see the end that I intend
But can’t find the path I should take 

I’ll start again, I’ll persevere
But what’s the price of perfection?
I won’t know until it’s paid in full 

I’ll be hunted and reviled
I won’t let them deprive me of this sweet,
This sweet vision of mine. 

I’ll be here
Don’t be afraid
Promise me
I’ll make you so much more 

So grab, hold tight

Cuz you’re in for quite a ride…

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Artwork Sneak Peek

We’ve collaborated with Graphic Designer / Illustrator Kane Tutssel to bring each song to life.