Sirens – Day 4

Sirens – Day 4


Co-written by two from different perspectives. One struggling with alcoholism, one with severe depression and social anxiety. Both trying to break away from their illness through sheer willpower only to be called back in to their respective cold, dark, isolating and, unfortunately, comforting prisons.



I count the time I’ve pissed away in hiding
And I count on finding solace in their song
But in pacing through these halls
Digging nails in to the walls
I’ve grown tired of their prying eyes a-spyin’

They say the life you got is what you make it
But I’ve starved myself in comfort for too long
I’m invigored with a drive
A crusade to feel alive
So let’s bounce before they wake up and they find me

Grab your bootstraps, boys
Buckle up
And we out on the loose

(You can’t escape us!
Nah, we c-c-comin’ for ya)

Got my two step
Winning grin
My finger guns are ready to shoot

(Ooh wah wah wah-ooh, wah wah oohwah)

I’m gonna dance all night
I got a hankerin’ to shake off some blues

(You done a bunk, we’ll get you, boo)

At first I find the atmosphere delicious
As I join them in their jaunty jamboree
Then a crack and I can hear
The neurotic itching fear
Of the amplifying dissonance behind me

They say you oughta dance like no one’s watching
They’re a telepathic chorus in my mind
With their laser guided eyes
Firing leers as sharp as knives
A pariah gone awry
Ah, just come find me

Strap my boots down, girls
Buckle up
And I’m back in the noose

(You can’t escape it!
Nah, we g-g-gotcha gotcha!)

I feel your cold grip
Chilling grin
Bringing tons of nothing to lose

(Ooh wah wah wah-ooh, wah wah oohwah)

I’ve had enough limelight
Oh won’t you tuck me in and sing me the blues

(Welcome home we missed you)

Sing me sweetly to my doom

And I know there’s no escaping
I’ll wait it out
I’m the one on the line here
So I’m getting my fill
And if you had just what I want
I wouldn’t need it now

Brother, sister, please don’t shame me
Silence so loud
But I promise I’m fine here
I’m just getting my fill
And if you had just what I need
I wouldn’t want it now

But I need it now

And I know there’s no escaping
I can’t hold out
I don’t know that I’m fine here
But I’m getting my fill
And if you had just what I need
I think I want it now

This ain’t how my mama raised me
Silence so loud
But I’m out of time
They’re coming in for the kill
Say that you got just what I want
Because I need it
Gimme all you got
Because if not
They’re gonna drown me out

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Artwork Sneak Peek

We’ve collaborated with Graphic Designer / Illustrator Kane Tutssel to bring each song to life.