Bark Skinpson – Day 7

Bark Skinpson – Day 7


This is a song about trees. Trees were here before us; trees will be here when we’re gone. We’ve spent our entire existence destroying and using them. This is the story of their revenge.



Split and splinter til we timber,
Kindle cinders til we burn.
You dregs declare a destiny,
You think that you deserve.
Stake your claim and raze away
Eliminate and reaffirm,
You’ll make way for your world.

Displacing and replacing any race that’s in your way.
Defacing every place you seem
To think you’ve come to save.
Gonna grant you goons some guidance,
Greatest gift I ever gave,
Getting greedy’s gonna get you,
And I guarantee your grave.

What’s wrong, great unearther?
Can you breathe, usurper?
Once you’re under,
You’ll be one of us.

Hopelessly immobile as you root into the ground,
All your skin begins to harden to a thick and rugged brown.
Every limb will pierce your body from the trunk out through the crown.
Still it’s nothing like the suffering you’ve wrought the world around.

What’s wrong, great unearther?
Can you breathe, usurper?
Watch as we devour what remains.

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Artwork Sneak Peek

We’ve collaborated with Graphic Designer / Illustrator Kane Tutssel to bring each song to life.