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Are you ready to traverse the realms of the extraordinary and the unexplored? Bear Ghost invites you to join a 10-day musical journey, where every note resonates with the heartbeat of the universe, and every lyric tells a tale of the shadows and the light.
We're going to go behind the scenes of what inspired each song, the message behind the lyrics, the journey to create the new album, and more!

Here's What You Get!

  • A Song a Day: Get ready for cool tunes and wild stories, each day a new surprise!
  • Behind the Scenes: Ever wonder how a song is made? We’ll share our secrets and stories!
  • Extra Cool Stuff: Get special content that’s just for you!

Ready to Jump In?

So, are you coming? It’s going to be a wild ride with music, stories, and new friends! Dive into the beats, feel the vibe, and see what Bear Ghost is all about!