The 16 Best Albums Released by Phoenix Bands So Far in 2016

If you are a fan of great local music and you haven’t heard Bear Ghost’s full-length debut album,¬†Blasterpiece, I’m going to assume that you’ve spent the first half of this year in a cave. First of all, Bear Ghost is probably the most fun band in town to see live or listen to on record. “Fun” is an element that seems to be lost on a lot of indie bands, and it’s damned refreshing to be excited about going to see a band for the sheer sense of joy they will impart in their performance. Luckily, for Bear Ghost, they were able to translate the fun factor into every moment of Blasterpiece, and it’s a lot like their stage show come to life. I feel like I should always keep a spare copy of this album around for those occasions when someone tells me they’ve never heard of them. Their blend of pop, rock, prog rock, punk and even hip-hop defies the senses, and the assimilation of these styles creates something wholly unique that is all their own.

– Mitchell Hellman Phoenix New Times