Review of “Haunt The Cartoon Heart” –

Posted by admin on  April 5, 2019
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These local art-rock visionaries are launching a tour at a party that also celebrates the release of a willfully eccentric single, “Haunt, the Cartoon Heart,” that effortlessly picks up where the songs on “Blasterpiece” — which we’ve often described as “like Frank Zappa writing for Queen” — left off. And to be clear, we understand that it most likely took a lot of effort. But part of the key to their appeal is they make

Millennium Performs “All At Once”

Posted by admin on  February 25, 2019
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Early last year we were contacted by a competition show choir called Millennium from Waukee High School in Waukee, Iowa . They wanted to perform our song “All At Once” as a part of their competitive set. We agreed and they hired a transcriber to turn our song into sheet music for a 59 piece show choir with a 24 piece band. The group practiced the music and choreography for their season and ended up
Photos by Luxicon Photography

Spotify 2018 Wrap Up

Posted by admin on  December 8, 2018
Category: Front This year Bear Ghost broke 3 Million total streams on Spotify. We reached the 2 million mark in June and broke 3 million in December. We can’t say thank you enough to our listener, new friends and fans.

Bear Ghost Guitarist Ryan Abel – Phoenix New Times

Posted by admin on  July 21, 2017
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In Pound For The Sound, New Times gets technical with local musicians about what gear they use to create their signature style. Bear Ghost’s Ryan Abel is a diehard fan of two things: Elvis Presley and Disney. The guitarist has had eight annual passes to Disney, and he’s currently on a three-year hiatus as he eagerly awaits the 2019 opening of “Star Wars Land.” In the meantime, he has plenty of time to rock with