Bear Ghost at Apache Lake Music Festival
Bear Ghost is having a really latter half of 2015: They dropped a record, they opened for Mega Ran at Crescent Ballroom for his album release, and now they will be taking a nice evening slot at on the inside stage at ALMF. Bear Ghost has a ton of energy, and they get super-loud because that’s how rock ‘n’ roll is supposed to be played. They’re another act that has been impressing scenesters, but they
Bear Ghost
“DOTAB,” Bear Ghost Bear Ghost’s music will make you feel like you’re at a demented carnival, with sideshow melodies as the backdrops for elaborately silly storytelling. “I tried, but I never really got around to treating you like the queen you think you are,” sings the band, “cause I didn’t think you were worth it,” in their single “DOTAB,” which sounds more kick-your-feet-up-and-dance than melodramatic. The single is off their new five-song EP, Your Parents