Viva Phoenix Bear Ghost
Bear Ghost will be playing Viva Phoenix 2016 It stuns me each year as Viva PHX, Stateside Presents’ mini-South by Southwest that takes place in 17 venues in downtown Phoenix on Saturday, gets better and better, how difficult the decisions are about when and where to be. In addition to the sheer mind-blowing volume of touring acts booked, there is a ton of local talent scattered throughout the event. Now it’s easy to dismiss them,
Bear Ghost album heralded by AZ Central
These Mesa rockers definitely occupy the more eccentric fringe of the new-millennial art-rock spectrum on this awe-inspiring followup to “Your Parents Are Only Marginally Disappointed in Your Musical Taste.” “Introduction to Blasterpiece” opens the set with a demented funk-rock march that sounds like it was written to accompany Tim Burton down the rabbit hole, especially when the vocals kick in with a chant of “Welcome, you are here to witness our demise.” “Necromancin Dancin” filters
Bear Ghost Review by Yab Yum

Bear Ghost Unleash Their Blasterpiece – Yab Yum

Posted by admin on  February 17, 2016
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  The funky four-piece known as Bear Ghost first caught our attention with their 2014 EP Your Parents Are Only Marginally Disappointed in You. Since that time, we’ve been waiting for the follow-up and the release of recent singles (including “Necromancin’ Dancin’”) held promise of a new album on the horizon. Blasterpiece, the band’s sophomore effort, is more than we could have hoped for. Eleven fun and feisty tracks that mix a range of musical
Java Magazine Bear Ghost

“Blasterpiece” Album Review – Java Magazine

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Bear Ghost has released an amazing album — a combination of sheer genre-bending musicianship, complex arrangements and vocal perfection. Sure, they have a lot of influences but they wear them proudly on their sleeves. In the last couple years, Bear Ghost have emerged as one of the top bands to catch live in the Valley. Since they released their debut EP, Your Parents Are Only Marginally Disappointed in Your Musical Taste! in 2014, they have
Bear Ghost Makes 16 for 16 Bands to watch in Phoenix New Times
Bear Ghost has been active for a few years, but it seems the group fully realized its sound on its 2014 EP and gained even more momentum last year when it began to stun its ever-growing fan base with high-energy live shows. This year, the group is set to release its first full-length album, Blasterpiece. “Blasterpiece is the most ambitious attempt at music we’ve ever made,” guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Thomas Knight says. “There are four-part harmonies. There